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Elevating Environments

Lighting Unlimited is proud to offer design services to our valued customers. Lighting significantly impacts the appearance, energy consumption, color, and safety of an environment. It can also affect our mood and well-being and create an immediate impression of the space. Rather than design to meet minimum lighting standards, our team works diligently to understand your design objectives, creatively think through accents, appearance, luminaires, and budget to coordinate with the design team to enhance the overall look of the building. Whether you are looking to achieve an industry standard, create an integrated or unique aesthetic, or lower energy consumption and maintenance, let our certified staff guide you in selecting the strategy and products to meet your needs.

Our staff can help you navigate the rapidly evolving world of lighting to select the right luminaire from countless options and brands to attain the optimal balance of integration, energy savings, economy, and controllability.  All while staying code compliant.

Lighting Unlimited can also provide you with documentation for your project, including a layout to demonstrate the expected light levels, model rendering to help you visualize the lighting impact in the space. We utilize both Dialux and Visual software, in addition to other design tools.

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Collaboration, Planning, & Design
  • Detailed lighting design plans and specifications
  • Lighting layouts provided in various formats (e.g. CAD, Revit)
  • Comprehensive luminaire schedule and cut sheet package
  • Comparative analysis of fixture performance
  • Design of lighting controls
  • Proactive and realistic lighting budgeting
  • Thorough energy analysis
  • Ensuring compliance with local lighting codes
Visual Concepts
  • Tailored fixture designs
  • 3D renderings and digital animations
  • Photometrics and calculations of light levels
  • In-depth lighting studies
  • Daylight assessments
Project Management
  • Coordinated design and construction timelines
  • Negotiation of product lead times
  • Access to resources throughout project commissioning

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