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David Inman

Specification Manager
David Inman

With over two decades of experience in the lighting industry, Dave Inman brings a wealth of expertise to his role as specifications and employee development manager. His primary responsibilities include design, sales support, and promoting employee growth.

Prior to his current position at Lighting Unlimited, Dave served as the Director of Specifications at West Lite Supply, worked in specifications at FSG, and served as the Director of Marketing and Sales at Red Mountain Lighting.

His educational background, acquired from the “school of hard knocks” after leaving traditional education in true “runaway hippie” form, speaks to his resourcefulness and practical approach to learning.

Dave’s unique contributions, including the design of a horticultural lighting fixture, have been recognized by the industry. His active involvement in professional associations, including membership in NAILD’s sustainability committee and serving on the events’ committee for the Phoenix Chapter of the IES, underscores his commitment to the industry’s growth and sustainability.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dave is an accomplished guitar player, avid surfer and kayaker, and has a keen interest in geology. He is strongly committed to environmental conservation, which is evident through his role in the Verde Valley Dark Sky Association.