Utility Rebates

Did you know that on average, the initial cost of a light bulb only represents 10% of the cost of use over its lifetime? Energy, on the other hand, represents 70-80% of the lamps consumption over its usable life!

Lighting typically represents 30% of your monthly utility usage, and is a more manageable expenditure when compared to other equipment types. Using LED and other efficient technologies, retrofitting or replacing your outdated lighting can result in average savings of upwards of 60%. In addition, many utilities including APS and SRP have rebate funds available to help offset the initial cost of an upgrade.

Lighting Unlimited is one of the top performing trade allies with the APS Solutions for Business program and the SRP Standard Business Solutions program.  Winning the Rising Star award with APS in 2013.

Our team of lighting specialists are equipped to conduct a free energy survey on your behalf and provide you with financial and energy data to demonstrate how much your business could be saving, as well as complete any rebate paperwork on your behalf. With return on investments as high as 70%, lighting upgrades not only improve facility aesthetics, reduce labor and maintenance, and increase safety and security, but also put money back in your pocket.

Additionally, if capital expenditure or other funds are not available to invest in a lighting upgrade, equipment lease financing is available to alleviate financial burdens.

To schedule a free energy survey conducted by one of Lighting Unlimited’s outside staff, inquire more about how you can save money through lighting upgrades, or learn more about financing, please see below:

To request a free energy audit email orders@lu-az.com or contact our Energy Efficient specialist at 602-230-8770.




*Lighting Unlimited does not provide any leasing rates, nor guarantee energy savings. Estimated energy saving data is based upon utility and factory provided information as well as lighting demand load reduction to ensure accurate projections. Lighting Unlimited is happy to provide energy savings in conjunction with lease rates once provided by desired equipment leading institution.

Retrofits & Energy Rebates

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