We hear about mercury in our environment more and more these days. Everywhere we look - even in ostensibly "pristine" waterways - scientists are finding mercury in fish. The track of contaminants into our diets is a complicated one and has multiple sources, one of which is the mercury found in certain types of lighting which are often not properly recycled.

Today's lighting systems are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before. Nevertheless, hazardous materials, such as mercury, are contained in lighting waste. Environmental regulations require this waste to be managed properly. Failure to follow regulations could result in costly environmental liability and adverse publicity.

Recycling reduces the potential for future liability as most lighting waste is regulated by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the Superfund liability laws and the Universal Waste Rule. The Universal Waste Rule is designed to promote and simplify the proper management and recycling of certain lighting wastes.

To assist you with your lighting recycling needs, Lighting Unlimited offers multiple recycle solutions including:

  • In Store Drop off – just bring your lighting waste to one of our 4 convenient locations for easy disposal.
  • Prepackaged – Convenient sealable containers with prepaid shipping to a recycling center
  • Bulk – We have bulk drums and gaylord containers available for use on your retrofit or remodel jobsite. We’ll even arrange the delivery and pickup!

Email us at, call 602-230-8770, or stop by one of our store locations for your recycling solution!



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